Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams." - Oprah Winfrey

So, all this time I haven't been money smart. I haven't saved up much in my savings account which makes me very sad! I guess why was because I really didn't have a reason. I mean, sure, I could be saving up for college tutition but that can't compare to what I have saved up. :( And a new car? I've been trying but I think I'll just have Noonie pass her poopy car down to me. Some windows aren't dependable but hey, it still runs. I need a reason to save up but i'm just like any other teenager who wants money so they can spend it however they like. That can't be the case, seriously. I need a motivation to save, save, SAVE and I've think I found it =)

* Traveling around the world

Something I've always dreamed of doing but never really got the chance to think more upon it. But this is something that I want to do, something that I HAVE to do! I want to travel to every little aspect on the the globe, probably not gonna happen but I wanna be close!! I wanna raft through the Grand Canyon. Walk miles and miles on the Great Wall. Climb to the highest peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Run wild with the Zebras in Madagascar. Fall in love under the Eiffel Tower. Shop till I literally drop in Milan. Swim with the dolphins in Key West. Visit the rest of my family in Laos. Visit the wonders of Iguazu Falls. Snuggle with hot coco in Antarctica. Have a romantic gondola ride through the marvellous city of Venice. Sip on some coconut juice in Maui. Float through the Markets of Thailand. Who wants to be my traveling partner? =)

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