Thursday, July 15, 2010

A new do.

I'm tired of being miss plain jane. I wanna look pretty and dressy too!! but I barely even go out :P Whateve. Time to go make-up shopping! hehe. And what am I gonna do with my HURR? I don't think my hair is gonna grow back although I do miss my long hair dearly. I just don't have the patience to wait anymore. Lol. So, I might as well go back to Bobbie..touch up with some highlights, you know ;) I was thinking about a tattoo!? I asked my mom and she seemed to be fine with it. All I need is just an idea of what I want and the money of course. OH! Monroe, or no Monroe? Yeahhh, I'm going all out! And god, I have to do something with my wardrobe. Ughh! I feel like I'm still wearing Hollister and Wet Seal. Anyone down for some Thrift shopping? =) I think it's time to spice my life up a little bit ;)

MAC. Something I crave for.

I like the cut but the color is a bit too light for me.
Thrifting. Any good places in MN?
A tiger tattoo is what I was thinking about. Not the same design as this one here, but something along the same line of it.

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